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Record-breaking round-world cyclist Jenny Graham launches new book tour

Jenny Graham. Credit: Andy McCandlish

Cycling fans will enjoy a forthcoming book tour by round-the-world female Guinness World record cyclist Jenny Graham. She has written a book, Coffee First, Then The World, about the 18,000-mile challenge in 2018 when she rode around the planet in 124 days.

Coffee First, Then The World publishes on April 13 and the Scottish endurance cyclist

will ride 1200 miles over a month on her pedal-powered promotional book tour. She plans to visit bookshops, sports retailers and other venues across England, Wales and Scotland.

Starting on the south coast of England, she’ll cycle north to finish in Inverness, her home city. Along the way, Jenny will take part in 12 community cycle ride-outs and nine community rides with women’s cycling clubs.

Jenny Graham's bike packing set up.

Jenny is a keen adventure cyclist. Credit: Rugile Kaladyte

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Coffee First, Then The World is an in-depth account of Jenny’s world record ride, which she completed solo and unsupported. If you are keen to do more long-distance rides, whether, for example, it's the North Coast 500 or the John Muir Way, you'll learn many tips from the book.

Jenny's engaging talks are also a great way to find out more about how to successfully plan and ride multi-day cycling tours. She didn't have the advantage of luggage transfers and already booked accommodation, but she can tell cyclists how to negotiate many hours and days in the saddle.

Jenny said: “I’m really delighted to be touring the UK this spring sharing round-the-world stories and pulling apart the book writing process. For me, riding my bike and meeting like-minded souls for a whole month is a major perk of writing the book and I can’t wait.”

Charlotte Croft, editorial director of Bloomsbury Sport said: “Jenny’s UK pedal-powered book tour embodies the energy and passion Jenny has for cycling. This is something that leaps off the page.

“We’re thrilled to be publishing Jenny’s incredible story of her record-breaking journey around the globe. She writes with such honesty and reflection, and sweeps you up in her enthusiasm for the project.”

See tour dates on Jenny’s website. You can find out about the book at Bloomsbury.

Jenny with two other endurance riders, Markus Stitz and Mark Beaumont. Credit: Maciek Tomiczek

Inspired to ride you bike?

If Jenny's book or tour talks inspire you to ride you bike on longer outings or multi-day trips, you might be interested to learn about our HighLand Transfer cycling tours. You can contact us to find out more.

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