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All bookings are made and accepted in accordance with the terms set out in these conditions.



All bookings must be made on our booking form by the person responsible for the group (if there is more than one person), who must be over 18 years of age. This person is responsible for ensuring all payments due for the services for those persons mentioned on the booking form. Once we have received your booking form and the appropriate deposit, we will confirm your services and send you an invoice for the payments outstanding. A binding contract is formed once we issue this confirmation.




Payments can be made by booking online with us, bank transfer or paid in cash on the day of you bag collection before starting your walk


Amendment or cancellation


If you wish to make amendments to your booking, you must notify us as soon as possible. If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your booking(s), you shall notify us immediately. Upon receipt and acknowledgement by us of your request, cancellation will take effect. If cancellation takes place prior to commencement a £25 fee is applicable. If cancellation takes place once you have commenced your booked arrangements with us, no partial refunds or credit will be given for services not used.


Security of payment


To comply with EU Travel Regulations 1992 your deposit & final payment will be held in an account until your holiday is completed.


Baggage transfer


Bags should weigh no more than 20kg. Please adhere to this due to Health and Safety of our Couriers. If deemed to be overweight, Highland Transfers will weigh bags on first move. There will be a £1.00 surcharge per kilo on bags over this weight. The company may refuse to move bags that are not safe due to condition or poor packing. Extra bags will need to be paid for, at full price, in cash on the first transfer. Highland Transfers will make every effort to have the bags picked up from 9.00am and have them at your next accommodation by 4.30pm, you will be informed of any problems. The company reserves the right to alter trip and delivery itineraries due to weather, availability or other such extenuating circumstances. Highland Transfers does not accept any responsibility for damage to luggage after it has been delivered to, and signed for, at your next accommodation. We recommend that you obtain insurance for your luggage, its contents and any additional items. luggage items such as electronic devices, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc, which are placed in luggage are at the risk of the owner and no responsibility for any loss or damages shall be deemed the responsibility of Highland Transfers. Each bag for transfer should be labelled using the labels provided by ourselves, and clearly marked with the name of the owner before departure. We may contract transfers to self-employed drivers and taxi services. We don’t accept any responsibility or liability, legal or otherwise for any accidents, injury, damage and any other incident that may happen during the transfer. The contractor that is used retains the whole legal responsibility and is fully liable for any such incidents.

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