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So you have cycled the NC500... how about coast-to-coast ride across Scotland?

Cycling the Kirkpatrick C2C. Credit: Clacks Active - Andy McCandlish, Sean Macfarlane

Scotland is a fantastic place to visit for a cycling holiday. Many riders will already be familiar with such routes as the North Coast 500 and the Badger Divide. Now there is new 250-mile coast-to-coast cycle route that might tempt you to beautiful southern Scotland.

The Kirkpatrick C2C is the South of Scotland’s Coast to Coast route and takes its name from Kirkpatrick Macmillan, the 19th century Dumfriesshire blacksmith who invented the first pedal-driven "velocipede".

The route connects Stranraer in the west with Eyemouth on the east coast and is billed as one of the UK’s longest coast-to-coast rides.

Depending on fitness levels, the route will take you four to eight days to complete.

Cyclists on the new Kirkpatrick C2C. Credit: Clacks Active - Andy McCandlish, Sean Macfarlane

Why ride the Kirkpatrick C2C cycle route?

Cycling adventurer Markus Stitz offers his inspiration to cycle the Kirkpatrick C2C route. He says: “The south of Scotland, home of the pedal-driven bicycle invented by Kirkpatrick Macmillan, is one of the beautiful parts of the country, with endless opportunities for bike-based adventures.

“It was actually the south of Scotland inspired me to move from Germany to Scotland. I was attracted here by the huge variety of off-road tracks, quiet roads, unique scenery, amazing forests, clean air and dark skies.”

You can enjoy stops at attractive locations on the new Kirkpatrick C2C. Credit: Clacks Active

A varied landscape on the new Kirkpatrick C2C. Credit: Clacks Active

How to cycle the Kirkpatrick C2C

There are two suggested ways to ride the Kirkpatrick C2C. Your choice will depend on how much time you want to cycle each day and how much time you want for exploring places along the route.

The Explorer Route

Eight stages:

Stranraer to Newton Stewart – 39 miles

Newton Stewart to Kirkcudbright – 35 miles

Kirkcudbright to Dumfries – 28 miles

Dumfries to Newcastleton – 51 miles

Newcastleton to Hawick – 21 miles

Hawick to Melrose – 25 miles

Melrose to Coldstream – 28 miles

Coldstream to Eyemouth – 23 miles.

Challenger route

Four stages:

Stranraer to Kirkcudbright – 74 miles

Kirkcudbright to Langholm – 69 miles

Langholm to Selkirk – 48 miles

Selkirk to Eyemouth – 59 miles.

Josh Wood holds the fastest cycling time for the route in just over 23 hours. Credit: South of Scotland Destination Alliance

To find out more see route details.

Cycling holidays in Scotland

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