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Highland Transfers' founder: Let's give this adventure a go. ..

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Ryan Davidson is the founder of Highland Transfers. His passion for Scotland and the great outdoors led him to creating a company that aims to enable other people to more easily enjoy walking and cycling. Highland Transfers offers walkers and cyclists luggage transfers and accommodation bookings on famous routes, including the West Highland Way, the John Muir Way and the North Coast 500.

The West Highland Way

Here Ryan begins his adventure by writing about three of his favourite walking and cycling routes: We all start in the same place, sitting down and thinking what we can do with our lives. This is what I'm doing right now, sitting down, thinking about how to write my first blog about how to encourage you to come for an adventure in Scotland. That adventure might be walking the West Highland Way or the John Muir Way, or cycling the North Coast 500.

I find writing about Scotland very much like describing a true love; sometimes, no words you can find will ever describe how indescribably stunning it truly is.

A West Highland Way way marker.

The John Muir Way.

The Bealach na Ba on the North Coast 500.

I'm a talker and a person who loves the outdoors, so thinking of how I will write this blog to connect with my audience is like me trying to work out some quantum physics formula. So, please bear with me as we go on this unknown journey together.

My idea is to write regular blog posts – and to invite other people to do so as well – about the West Highland Way, John Muir Way and North Coast 500.

I want to tell other people about must-see places and areas along the routes, events, nuggets of history and all kinds of other information that will hopefully inspire other people to walk or cycle in Scotland.

It'll be an adventure for me – and for everyone who walks or cycles the routes.

Join me soon when I will be writing about the West Highland Way, which starts on Milngavie. Here's a great fact: Milngavie is pronounced "Mull-guy".


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