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8 of the best dogs for walking the West Highland Way

If you are hoping to walk the West Highland Way with a dog, it’s important that you check out our top tips. One important consideration is the breed of your pet. Here we reveal some of the best dogs for longer distance walks.


Weimaraners have a medium and muscled build that means they are usually energetic and a great companion for walkers.

Because this breed needs lots of exercise, they will suit an owner who is a keen walker. A well trained Weimaraner will be a faithful companion and they are usually a good choice if you hope to own a dog who will be under control off the lead.


Vizslas are well known for having lots of energy and they enjoy all types of walking and running. This breed has a long gait, which means they can bound along easily and comfortably with their owner, whatever speed they walk at.

This breed is happiest running and walking on trails and will enjoy longer, steadier runs, as well as some faster running.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers were originally bred as hunting dogs and this means they are usually clever and easy to train. They have plenty of energy and will happily walk or run with you whatever outing you choose, from shorter and faster to longer and steadier hikes.

Pointers are capable of building up to longer trail runs because they have good stamina.

Border Collie

Another great dog for longer trail hikes is a Border Collie. They are bred as working dogs and like to be active. Collies need plenty of exercise to burn off their high levels of energy, otherwise they can become bored and restless. Collies are generally good natured, obedient and intelligent.

German shepherd dog

German shepherd dogs are built for strength and endurance. Most German shepherd dog are keen to learn and can be trained to become a loyal walking companions.

Jack Russell

Despite being relatively small of stature, Jack Russells make good walking dogs. They need to be exercised and once they are over a year old, they will happily accompany you on all types of hikes.

However, Jack Russells have a high prey instinct so you need to spend time on the training stage. If you want to be able to walk with a jack Russell of the lead they will need to learn control as a puppy.

Siberian husky

Huskies have been bred to be sled dogs, so they are natural runners and can run and run far further than you ever will. This makes them great walking dogs, too.

They are excellent dogs for winter hiking because they have a thick and furry coat.

Alaskan malamute

Like huskies, Alaskan malamute have excellent endurance and make good long distance hikers. They are usually loyal and smart dogs, too, but owners do need to give the malamute lots of regular exercise.

Are you planning to walk the West Highland Way?

If you want to discuss any plans or ideas you have for walking, running or cycling the West Highland Way, you can give Highland Transfers a call. We can help with luggage transfer between your overnight accommodations and we have a wealth of other information at our fingertips.

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